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Downloading Tips

Downloading and Security Information

To make your video purchase and downloads go as smooth as possible please review and follow these simple policies.

Purchase IP Address -To insure that the download links are not shared or posted in public forums the security system on this site will only allow you to download your purchase from the same IP address used during the check-out process.

This setting is built into the payment system and can not be turned off or manually adjusted.

DVD Video and DVD to Burn files are very large and can take hours to download. Please do not try to make a purchase away from home, such as a coffee shop, internet cafe or hotel. If the download doesn't complete you will not be able to restart from your next location.

Cell Phone and Pads -The cellular system changes your IP address each time your signal moves from tower to tower, and often if your connection is dropped for a split seconds. That new IP address will trip the security settings.

Purchases using Cell phones and Pads should only be done if your device is using your home Wi-Fi and you intend the connection to remain for the entire duration of the download - which can be hours.

No Download Software -The programs commonly called "Downloaders" or "Download Accelerators" do not work on this site. The files here are stored on a content delivery network (CDN) and the use of a downloader will slow down or stall your order. Trying to by-pass this security setting will cause your downloads to fail and they can't be reset for 24 hours.

Please do not make a purchase from any location or system that is not the location or computer where you plan to complete the downloads.

Proxy Servers -Using a proxy server or service to try to hide your identity will cause the downloads to fail and we are not able to reset them to the same IP as the proxy or any other IP.

The payment and security companies state that the need to hide identity while purchasing often means the buyer is using a stolen credit card or have other illegal intentions. I can't override their settings.

Download Time Limit -Once your order has been placed you have 24 hours to complete the downloads before the secure links expire. Those links have a "3 click" limit. Please do not repeatedly click links while trying to make downloads faster.

We suggest that you limit your purchase to only the items you are confident you'll be able to download within 24 hours. If you wish to order additional items please do so after completing the first purchase / downloads.

Copyright Information - By purchasing from Don Michael Photography you agreed that you will not distribute, or allow to be copied, any of the products purchased, in whole or part, without prior written consent from Don Michael Photography and that infringement of that agreement and/or the copyrights of Don Michael Photography will result in legal action in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.